saudi aramco's ipo is oversubscribed and raises more than $44 billion of capital

Saudi Aramco’s IPO Is Oversubscribed And Raises More Than $44 Billion Of Capital

The oil giant Suadi Aramco recently recorded one of the biggest IPO in history, and the company has managed to raise more than $44 billion of initial capital. According to reports from IPO managers, the company has managed to raise 166 billion Saudi riyals from all other investors except institutional ones who still have one more week to invest in the company. This IPO has surpassed the expectations of the IPO managers and became one of the biggeRead More


study shows: mri of dense breasts finds more cancer but also false positives

Study shows: MRI of Dense Breasts finds more cancer but also False Positives

False Alarm has been ringing concerning the dense breast cancer among the ladies in the United States. A large study has found out that in addition to breast X-rays, MRI scans of women with dense breasts can reduce cancer omissions and avoid many unnecessary treatments and false alarms. The result oRead More

samoa announces state of emergency as measles outbreak claims six lives

Samoa Announces State of Emergency As Measles Outbreak Claims Six Lives

The government of Samoa has invoked a state of emergency as a deadly measles outbreak has shaken the island nation resulting in six deaths so far. The authorities have passed an order to close all its schools to refrain children from public gatherings. Authorities have made MMR vaccinations mandatorRead More