In 2020, Ferrari is planning to launch F8 Spider

Only six months ago Ferrari introduced F8 Tributo coupe at 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Now its droptop counterpart the company is planning to make an online debut. It is a replacement of 488 Spider. This is a new convertible from the Maranello which remains faithful to a fixed-roof cousin with the apparent exception of an electrically coverable hardtop. It is a modernized rear deck to accommodate new roof arrangement. This is how many seconds that thRead More


deadly eee virus claims fifth life in cass county

Deadly EEE Virus Claims Fifth Life In Cass County

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has confirmed a fifth death in a row due to deadly and rare mosquito-borne- virus Eastern Equine Encephalitis. The deceased was the resident of Cass County in Michigan. Another case of the EEE virus has also been reported in Allegan County. The officiRead More

health professionals and cdc recommending people to get early flu shots

Health Professionals and CDC Recommending People to Get Early Flu Shots

The Health officials and the Center for Disease Control are worried about the people. As the upcoming season of Flu is going to be more dangerous for the people, the health professionals are advising for the yearly flu shots. As the prediction is not possible for the upcoming flu season, it is advisRead More