Vaccine to Combat HIV Infection Could Be Available by 2021, Scientists Hope

Vaccine to Combat HIV Infection Could Be Available by 2021, Scientists Hope


Currently, there exists a combination of antiretroviral medications to treat HIV. On the other hand, researchers are busy inventing different ways like vaccines for treating HIV. Even more, scientists hope to roll out a jab to combat HIV, the virus which causes AIDS. Notably, the vaccine could become available up to 2021. Reportedly, clinical trials of three vaccines are near to enter their last phase; it is encouraging experts to be hopeful regarding the future. The list of trio includes – Imbokodo, HVTN 702, and Mosaico. So, in the upcoming time, HIV patients will have the medication to obscure their viral load. It also means that the AIDS-causing virus will not spread from one person to another, including sex.

For now, there is no such vaccine that could prevent people from spreading the virus. Currently, millions of people across the globe are carrying the fatal disease. Dr. Susan Buchbinder, director of the Bridge HIV research program at the San Francisco Department of Public Health, is chairing two of the three trials. She said the invention of a partially effective vaccine marks a remarkable breakthrough. Even more, it would offer the potential to transform the path of the outbreak. The WHO has reported a massive fall in the number of HIV cases during 2000-2010. But, there is a sudden rise in recent years.

Dr. Susan said among the three vaccines, HVTN 702 is the most older vaccine trial. Researchers had unveiled it in 2016 in South Africa. Besides, it is the first-ever vaccine trial which had gained approval after the fall of RV144. Notably, HVTN 702 relies on RV144, which has reduced the HIV infection rate by about 30% in previous studies. Besides, Imbokodo, the second trial, initiated in 2017, in five southern African countries. As per the NIH, Imbokodo utilizes mosaic immunogens, components of a vaccine engineered to make immune reactions against various HIV strains worldwide. In the end, the third vaccine, Mosaico, relies on mosaic immunogen methodology. Thus, the trio of vaccines could arrive in the upcoming time for combating HIV infections across the globe.

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