study shows: mri of dense breasts finds more cancer but also false positives

Study shows: MRI of Dense Breasts finds more cancer but also False Positives


False Alarm has been ringing concerning the dense breast cancer among the ladies in the United States. A large study has found out that in addition to breast X-rays, MRI scans of women with dense breasts can reduce cancer omissions and avoid many unnecessary treatments and false alarms. The result of these tests gives a clear image of the issues involved in testing, but the question is – can we save lives?

Women above the age of forty years who have dense breasts and also from these ten percent who have very dense breasts have an increased risk of getting breast cancer, which is very difficult to spot on mammograms x-rays. Different types of screening tests such as ultrasound and MRI also help to know if the cancer tissues are present or not if the dense breasts are unclear. This study involved more than forty thousand women Dutch women who are in the ages of 50 years to 75 years who have very dense breasts. It was found out that mammograms and x-rays of these women were done every two years and their results turn out to be negative. Among these forty thousand women, eight thousand women were also offered MRI scanning which is much more potent than any other test screening, and it also gives detailed images of the same. Out of these eight thousand women, around 4,500 women agreed to get their MRI screening done. Researchers also traced the number of breast cancers detected in each of these groups for a period of two years. But it has been observed that MRI does cause additional side effects to the patients.

The research looked at only the first two years of MRI screening, and it is too early to say whether these MRI scanning could save lives. Without any further evidence, it is tough to find out ways so that cancer could be detected in the earlier stage. Also some of the doctors say that the patients won’t even show symptoms until it becomes life-threating for the patient.

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