Researchers Rush to Develop Coronavirus Vaccine

Researchers Rush to Develop Coronavirus Vaccine


Now the race is on to create a vaccine against China’s coronavirus. Within two weeks after the emergence of a new coronavirus, in China, researchers have released a confusing string of over 34,000 letters. It is nothing but the molecular blueprint of the air-borne illness. Scientists worldwide instantly caught those letters, the sequenced genome of the latest coronavirus strain. Now they aim to develop a vaccine that could assist end the rising pathogen. Researchers anticipate developing a vaccine set for researches in a few months. They are considerably trimming a process that, sometimes, can take up till a decade.

The emergence of a virus and spreading across various regions is not a new thing. Before this, the world has experienced two more epidemics of Coronavirus, including SARS and MERS. Well, this time, it is a 2019-nCoV virus. Still, researchers have not discovered a mean to prohibit these outbreaks even before they begin. But since the past one-and-a-half decade, they have significantly lessened the time it takes to build a vaccine after the emergence of a new virus. It is massively due to technological developments and a larger commitment by non-profit and federals to funding trials on evolving infectious diseases.

On the other hand, Chinese billionaire Jack Ma has contributed $14.5 million to assist the creation of a vaccine for the newly-discovered coronavirus. Meanwhile, the American government has announced that it has accelerated the procedure to develop a vaccine for 2019-nCoV. Even more, executives have released a tentative timeline; they aim to rollout research in three months. Anthony Fauci, the director of NIAID, said it would take three months for the vaccine to enter into the trial. Even more, it will require another three months to gain immunogenicity and safety data. He added after that; the trial enters into the second phase. Anthony said they are continuing as if they will have to deliver a vaccine. He said they are functioning in the worst-case scenario that it becomes a larger epidemic.

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