Reports Show 2020 Might Be Good For Stocks And Economy

Reports Show 2020 Might Be Good For Stocks And Economy


2019 ended pretty optimistic for investors and ordinary Americans because the stock market and economy overall performed relatively very well. In 2019 S&P 500, NASDAQ went up by 28.9 and 35.2 per cent, which shows that the country’s economy is performing very well. Right decisions from the government have resulted in a lower amount of unemployment and benefited many investors.

However, a new report from Michigan university indicates more Americans think they will be more than adequate income in 2020. People are already positive about the current economic situation, which makes things quite right. One of the good things which this survey indicated is that there will be no recession in 2020 even though many experts predicted it. The growth rate of 2% will be continued in future also because of the current government’s decisions. Another best thing which will boost the 2020s economy is the support for Feds.

President Trump criticized Feds publicly on twitter for not cutting interest rates, but in the end, he won that battle. Even if a trade war continues with China recently, both countries signed the first phase of a trade deal which is a good sign overall. Even if trade deals might not happen in 2020, which is predicted because of current political situations. But, no trade war will happen also because Trump is focusing on winning 2020 re-elections which is quite important to him than anything else. Trump wants to see the stock market and economy of the USA keep rising in this year which increases his chances of winning the election. Other macroeconomic factors are also in favour of the USA and will not impact that much on wall street. However, things might get turned on the opposite side if Trump did not win the upcoming election and the strategies implemented by the newly elected president.

Arya Green

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