in upcoming phones, huawei could supposedly dual-boot harmony os along with android

In Upcoming Phones, Huawei could Supposedly Dual-Boot Harmony OS Along with Android


Huawei is the second-largest smartphone maker and the world’s biggest maker of telecom network equipment. Huawei, the technology giant of Chinese blacklisted by the US government. According to reports, the company held in August that while the impact of US trade restrictions will less than initially have feared, the curbs push its smartphone unit’s revenue lower around US$10 Bn this year. The giant of Chinese smartphone sees at some other avenues to increase its smartphone business in the event Google permanently. It also decides to pull away from their services from smartphones. Now the Mate 30 Pro of Huawei lineup, which has no Google services and runs on Android. Now according to reports, Huawei’s custom Android Operating System called Harmony Operating System could load inside existing Huawei devices.

Also, On Huawei devices, harmony OS will be dual-booted that means both Android and Harmony will run simultaneously on the device. The plan still in the delopmental stage, and the company is deciding which smartphone will be receiving dual-boot option. The company had implicit previously that the P40-series of Huawei is the first to come with new OS. It would continue to see how two OS is operating on a single device and would work out. Also, the main fundamental problem would continue not having any of Google services that could make Huawei a tough sell in markets out of China.

Back in August, Mr. Richard Yu, Huawei’s CEO of Consumer Business Group, clarified that the company’s thoughts behind developing this new OS. And it is entering in all age where people assume an experience holistic intelligent across all scenarios and devices. Also, the company felt that it was important to have an OS with better-quality cross-platform capabilities. The company needed an Operating System that supports all the scenarios used across a wide range of platforms and devices, which can meet consumer demand for robust security and low latency.

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