hulu is ending support from certain android tv models

Hulu is Ending Support from certain Android TV models


Into the past few months, Hulu has finally begun to pay attention to Android TV and made some updates. Recently, Hulu removes support for its apps from certain Android TV models. As per Cord Cutters News, the new Hulu app initially blocked AT & T’s TV-driven streaming box for Android.

Hulu has not affirmed why the cancellation of assistance for such devices, but AT&T’s box was eliminated all the way back in August 2019 while the app was redesigned. Meanwhile, the Stream+ and AirTV Players were confirmed to have lost support in past days. It’s weird, but now the app is no longer available on Sling TV’s AirTV DVR, Channel Master Stream + DVR, and AirTV Mini dongle. Since all blocked devices compete directly with Hulu’s live TV deals (via Internet TV streaming or cable broadcasts), Hulu is trying to harm its competitors. Both AirTV models are originally designed especially for Sling TV, one of the biggest opponents for Hulu’s Live TV service. Furthermore, AT&T’s Android TV box is created for the company’s personal live TV service. Finally, the Channel Master Stream+ meant essentially as an OTA DVR.

Based on that, it seems like Hulu is seeking to block its services from platforms designed to compete with it. That’s especially true, respecting these restrictions are not performed until after Hulu’s Live TV service came to Android TV. Back in 2016, Hulu was one of the initial Daydream VR launch partners. It enabled users to watch TV shows and movies in a virtual theater as well as offered 360-degree content to enjoy. Now, Hulu may pull support from other devices in the future, though there’s no confirmation regarding plans. At this time, owners or users will need to get several streaming products to access Hulu, such as an Apple TV, Chromecast, or one of the other Android TV products.

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