here are 4 types of apps which are banned on ios app store

Here Are 4 Types of Apps Which Are banned on iOs App Store


Apple’s app store is the best place to find useful applications and games for download. However, sometimes, the company will remove unnecessary apps from such platforms. Here is the list of some apps which has withdrawn from the App store.

Vaping Apps

Those apps which are related to vaping and other stuff have been removed by the Apple back in July when the company got criticism for promoting vaping culture among teenagers. The upcoming issue of vaping products has forced the company to shut down all vaping related apps from the App store.

Cryptocurrency Mining Apps

There were several apps on the App Store, which was using a device’s resource to mine cryptocurrency, and Apple reportedly took correct steps to remove such applications. Years ago, Apple made the active decision to remove cryptocurrency mining apps, which was using user’s devices for crypto mining.

Third-Party Security Apps

Apple focuses more on its customers’ privacy than any other company, and they proved it by removing third-party security apps from the App Store. Apple decided to shut down third-party security apps that were not required by the users when they were already getting such a facility from Apple itself.

Incentive-Based Apps

There was a time when incentive-based apps were flooded over the app store, and many users were trying to install it to earn some money. These apps used to pay users for watching ads or sharing a link on social media. However, Apple took a big move on such fake apps by removing them from the App store. Such apps were found to be using user’s private data without permission and even reselling it to third party sites.

VPN Apps

Everyone likes to use VPN to access those sites and information which are banned in their country. Apple took a significant step to support the ban of VPN in China by banning such type of apps on the Chinese app store. In China, there is a prohibition on using VPN, and Apple had to remove VPN related apps from the Chinese app store.

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