health professionals and cdc recommending people to get early flu shots

Health Professionals and CDC Recommending People to Get Early Flu Shots


The Health officials and the Center for Disease Control are worried about the people. As the upcoming season of Flu is going to be more dangerous for the people, the health professionals are advising for the yearly flu shots. As the prediction is not possible for the upcoming flu season, it is advisable to take early flu shots to prevent sudden illness due to the influenza virus. The United States of America observes the flu season from October to January/February each year. The Flu shots are complementary but highly recommended to everyone to stay safe from the infections.

According to Dr. Bob England, it is not possible to predict the strength of the Influenza virus in the upcoming season. That’s why taking the influenza vaccine in advance will help the citizens to stay safe from the infections. Dr. Bob England, who works as Interim director of Pima County Health Department said that the current flu season in Southern Hemisphere is stable and thus the same might be reflected in the northern hemisphere. Dr. Bob said that the seasons have indefinite time to start and end. Last year, the season started later than usual, and this time it might be earlier.

The flu shots don’t start working right away. The vaccine will take a few days to generate the anti-bodies inside the body to fight the influenza virus. There are multiple ways someone can get a Vaccine. Adults and children have different options. The senior citizens who are 65 or older have the option of Nasal Spray. Most of the general physicians in your area will have the Influenza vaccinations available. The CDC and State Health Officials have provided the database of all of the clinics and hospitals where the injection is available.

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