facebook to buy ctrl-labs, a brain-computing startup company

Facebook to Buy CTRL-Labs, a Brain-Computing Startup Company


On Monday, Facebook has announced the takeover of a New York startup company, CTRL-labs. Its special feature enables humans to manage computers using their brains. Now the start-up company will work together with Reality Labs of Facebook, which functions to build AR smart glasses. As per the sources familiar with the matter, the acquisition agreement may range between $500 million to $1 billion. Whereas, a Facebook representative has stated the deal may cost less than $1 billion.

Andrew Bosworth, Facebook’s VP of AR/VR unit, has announced the acquisition news through a post. Andrew said technology like this has the power to unlock new innovative opportunities. As per the executive, the objective of this task is developing a wristband which will offer control over devices. The working of wristband relies on neurons present in the spinal cord of humans which manage the movement of body muscles. Andrew said the wristband would decrypt these signals and convert them into digital signals which device can grasp. Eventually, the technology will offer control over digital life.

The gadget made by CTRL-labs does not read a person’s mind or identify neural impulses. In place, it grabs electric signals that come from muscle fibers as they circulate. After that, the computer copies the activity on the screen. Apart from this, the company claims it has developed the potential for individual muscle cells. So if you want to move the arm on the screen, you have to think about it. The users can do the digital movement without any physical move.

On the other hand, Facebook has started functioning on brain computing projects since the past few years. In 2017, it had announced that it is creating brain-computer interfaces that will assist users to type using minds. Thus the purchase of CTRL-lab might help the social network to turn its vision into a reality. If Facebook’s dream comes true, the technology could ease the process of posting messages or sending photos without moving a single finger. Let us see what the new deal will bring for Facebook.

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