deadly eee virus claims fifth life in cass county

Deadly EEE Virus Claims Fifth Life In Cass County


Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has confirmed a fifth death in a row due to deadly and rare mosquito-borne- virus Eastern Equine Encephalitis. The deceased was the resident of Cass County in Michigan. Another case of the EEE virus has also been reported in Allegan County. The officials have already issued a frost advisory to deal with the situation. Health officials of Michigan have urged people to continue taking precautions to prevent the rare disease. There has to be a sustained period of freezing temperatures across the affected region to reduce the risk of Mosquito-borne virus said MDHHS officials. Authorities have already completed an aerial treatment spread over 557,000 acres focusing on 14 countries to combat the giant disease.

The recent death in Cass County has lead to an alarming situation across the state. Eastern Equine Encephalitis is a rare but precarious virus found in mosquitoes and horses which can target humans as well. The virus is transmitted through a mosquito bite and does not spread directly from person to person. Around 40 cases of animal infection have also been reported so far in 16 countries of Michigan which indicates a high risk of the EEE virus. Being one of the most dangerous arboviruses, EEE has become a major concern in the state with a 33 percent fatality rate. The signs of the illness can be either encephalitic or systematic which causes swelling of the brain. The symptoms start to show up from 4 to 10 days after the infectious mosquito bite. The severity of the disease is such that it leaves many survivors with a mental or physical disability. Around 10 people have already been diagnosed with the deadly illness and 5 of them have met the fatality.

As the situation is turning into a worse nightmare, the people of the affected state have been asked to be more careful and prevent themselves from contagion. People can avoid being outdoors from dusk to dawn when the infected mosquitoes are most active. Authorities have requested people to maintain window and door screening to avoid mosquitoes and other insects. Officials have appealed to the residents to drain standing water from the neighboring areas to avoid mosquitoes breeding.

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