Californian Regulators Claim Illegal Vaping Products of Having Dangerous Additives

Californian Regulators Claim Illegal Vaping Products of Having Dangerous Additives


On Monday, California officials announced that they had discovered probably harmful additives from marijuana vape cartridges caught in illicit shops in Los Angeles. Notably, the products contained a thickening agent liable for a national epidemic of fatal lung diseases tied to vaping. Executives have also discovered the illegal vapes seized in the previous raids were not as powerful as marketed. Even more, state screening results have revealed that some products included just a portion of THC held on the labels. TCH is the chemical constituent of marijuana that offers high feeling to users. Officials noted the outcomes stress the threat over people buying the products from delivery services and underground shops.

Head of California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control, Lori Ajax, said the occurrence of contaminated and harmful vape pens at illegal cannabis shops reveals the importance of buying cannabis products from registered retailers. He added those shops are obligatory to sell goods that satisfy labeling and screening standards of the state. The state officials have performed tests on the marijuana oil present in a random specimen of over 10,000 illicit vape pens. The screenings have unveiled that 75% of the vaping products comprised of secret additives. The products also contained a so-called thickening agent, vitamin E acetate.

Apart from this, some specimens having oils in the cartridges were diluted with over a-third by possibly unsafe and unrevealed ingredients. The state officials have discovered that almost all the samples have had improper THC content over the label. The findings arrived a few days after the state took another measure to reduce the rate of spread of the unlawful pot market. These days many consumers prefer to buy products from illegal shops in order to avoid massive taxes. In the previous week, officials have offered new rules that would require authorized dealers to place a particular black-and-white code in the shop window. The board will assist customers to recognize the approved businesses.

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